As If We Don’t Pay Enough in Taxes Already…

A Black Box in Your Car? Some See a Source of Tax Revenue

Charging drivers by the mile.

Anyone who lives outside of New York City or any other big metropolitan area, will not like this idea.

I loathe any idea that adds a new way to tax people. Why? Because the old taxes rarely get done away with. There is a gasoline tax already. There are also lots of toll roads that charge by distance driven. WE DON’T NEED ANOTHER WAY FOR GOVERNMENTS TO GET MORE TAXES.

The above article mentions that this is necessary because the roads are in need of repairs. Wasn’t TARP supposed to be for roads? We have zero accountability in how the government spends the money it receives.

4 thoughts on “As If We Don’t Pay Enough in Taxes Already…”

  1. The thought of this tax makes my skin crawl even though we are not big drivers. I hadn’t thought about the toll issue. Will we have to pay the tax for roads we pay tolls on? I believe it is around $50 in tolls for us to drive from the Baltimore area to Connecticut and back. Ouch! And the privacy issues, don’t get me started.

  2. Not only more taxes, but the govt can track every driver’s movement and whereabouts. What’s not to like?

  3. I’m for road taxes based on the vehicle’s weight and odometer reading — payment due when the vehicle is registered / inspected (yearly), and when title is transferred to a new owner.

    No need for big brother tracking gadgets.

  4. I see the black box as a huge invasion of privacy that can and will be abused by all sorts of govt agencies. Of course, mine will live under a lead lined baseball cap.

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