What Are You Reading or Listening to These Days?

We moved to our temporary location a couple of weeks ago. We will be here until our house is complete in a few more weeks. I have been driving my kids back and forth to school in another town (the school in the town we will be living in). It’s 30 miles round trip, which gives me a lot of time to listen to music and books.

I signed up for Audible last year and love it. I also like that some Kindle books sync with the audible version of the book. Often, the Audible version can be added to the Kindle purchase fairly inexpensively. I like this because I can listen in the car via my iPhone, and then at night, I can open the Kindle app on my iPad and it starts me at roughly where I left off on the Audible app. Very nice.

So, what have I been reading? Here’s a quick summary:

Good book with good reminders on how to take an interest in other people. It’s all stuff we should already know, but is still good to get a refresher on. John Maxwell is always practical (though he can be repetitive from book to book).

I’m about halfway through this book. I picked out to listen to with my youngest son, who is a high school senior. It’s written for a younger audience (high school and college kids). Practical advice is offered, but can be a little on the dry side.

A classic. I HIGHLY recommend anything by Jeffrey Gitomer. I plan on adding his complete Audible collection to my collection. I could listen to them over and over again.

Finally, this is what I am listening to right now. Josh Kaufman did a great job with this book. I’m nearly 45-years old and I still find most of the information in this book useful. I highly recommend it for everyone. Yep, I said everyone.


What are you listening to or reading right now? Please let me know in the comments. If you post a link in your comment, it will go to moderation, but fear not, I will approve it.

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3 thoughts on “What Are You Reading or Listening to These Days?”

  1. The most interesting book that I have read in the recent past is “The Lucifer Effect” about the Stanford Prison Experiment. A dense book but fascinating to found out how Situational forces can cause many people (and probably myself also) to become bad.

  2. I almost always listen to a book in the car. Like you, I am partial to non-fiction. I am currently listening to Happier This Year and Essentialism. Next up is Why We Get Fat.

    I look forward to you posting more going forward.

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