6 thoughts on “Yahoo! Finance is Now Useless!”

  1. Agree completely – try entering more than 1 ticker for quote and it chokes.

    try to find the Profile for a company and can’t do it.

    try to find the components of an ETF like SMH or IBB – and can’t find it and then, it means you can’t see its activity and how it contributes to the ETF movement.

    Really frustrating – who did they ask to test it in beta – not me.

    1. Agreed! Try downloading historical quotes. It’s absolutely useless. They should have just left it alone. Those of us who identify don’t care what it looks like.

  2. I’ve lamented for years how Yahoo, once my go-to for just about every single thing I ever did online, has slowly stripped away just about everything that I’ve ever considered somewhat ‘useful’. Finance does look terrible now. I see that they’ve changed up Sports and have been using that about 75% less, and Mail is just what I use to sign up for e-mail and coupon lists that I know will also give me spam. That’s it. There’s pretty much nothing left.

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