Meet Glover Quin

This is a great piece about financial savvy of Detroit Lions safety, Glover Quin. Doesn’t happen often enough.

He saved 70% of his income the first three years of his NFL career and lived on the other 30%. Too many young players get the big money and go on wild spending sprees. Not Mr. Quin. He not only saved 70% of his income, he INVESTED it. Now 30-years old, Mr. Quin might be lucky to have five more good years. If he continues at his current pace, he should be able to retire and live comfortably the rest of his life.

I wish him the best.

2 thoughts on “Meet Glover Quin”

  1. Yeah, as a Lions fan this is a pretty cool story. I think many people think that all players make a ton of money. Fact is, most make league minimum and most are lucky to play and earn salary for 2-3 years. Quin definitely made more than the average player, but he’s smart to realize that it’s for a short time. I think many of these players get in trouble because they forget that the checks stop and stop suddenly once their playing time is done.

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