How to Organize a Carnival

Hosting a carnival (this kind, not this kind) can be a lot of fun. It can also be a lot of work! Although I didn’t really keep track of the amount of time I spent putting this week’s carnival of personal finance together, I would say it was easily 4 – 5 hours. Sure, I could have done it in a lot less time than that, but I thought it was necessary to change up this week’s carnival to make it interesting and fun. After hosting several different carnivals, I thought it would be cool to offer up some tips for those of you who haven’t yet hosted a carnival: Continue reading How to Organize a Carnival

I’m Hosting This Week’s Carnival of Personal Finance

I know this is a little last-minute, but I’m hosting the 59th edition of the Carnival of Personal Finance. So far I have 27 entries. If you have something that you would like me to include, please send it to me using the BlogCarnival Submission Form. I will accept entries until 6:00 PM Central Time, Sunday, July 30th. Anything later than that will be held over for next week’s carnival.