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A $10,000 investment grew to $10,004 last year.

UPDATE: I went back and found this historical table. The last 10 years have been brutal for money market accounts.

DJIA TR vs. S and P 500 TR YTD 2012

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Question: why are Democrats so confident?

I saw this in a recent issue of Economist. You can click on the graphic to go to the article. Anyway, the good ol’ USA ranks 7th, which is horrible.

The rankings are based on criteria such as institutions, infrastructure, financial systems, flexible labour markets, economic stability, innovations and public services. Plotting the scores against GDP per person reveals an unsurprising correlation: competitiveness brings wealth, but rich countries can most easily afford to provide the conditions for it.

Wealth of Nations: Competitiveness

Saw this on the Economist yesterday. Interesting.

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Over the last ten years, almost everything has gone Apple’s way. In that time, they have introduced the iPod, iPhone, and iPad. Wow!

Unfortunately, I own Microsoft (and I don’t own Apple)…