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BlackBerry, oh how far you have fallen.

Market share:

Share price:

To make matters worse, they reported a quarterly loss AND their next smart phone won’t be ready until NEXT year instead of this Fall. This is huge in that they miss out on the Christmas season (that said, they’re probably only missing out on five sales).

This chart begins January 1, 2008 and goes through today’s current price…

Compare that to Apple’s chart over the same time period:

What happened to Research in Motion?

I think…

1. They got complacent. They didn’t take Apple’s iPhone seriously.

2. They didn’t think ahead. Every phone they have come up with seemed to be playing catch up to every other phone.

3. The Playbook was a joke.

I still like BlackBerry. I have a Torch. Other than a few glitches, it has been a good phone. I’m resisting the iPhone because EVERYONE HAS ONE and I like to be different (even if it means I have an inferior phone).

Interesting chart I found today via a facebook friend (click on the chart to see a larger version) showing the percentage of government-backed mortgages over the years. The increase since 2008 is startling. The chart is part of an interesting article from