Financial Planning for Generation X

If you are a member of Generation X, you’re parents are most likely Baby Boomers. Although most Baby Boomers are not financially prepared for retirement a lot of them do at least have some sort of inheritance to look forward to. Chances are, if the Boomers do inherit assets from their parents, they will spend them all supporting (and indulging) themselves in retirement, which will leave very little for Generation X to inherit. Therefore, if there was ever a generation that needs to get active in planning for the financial future, it is Generation X. Fortunately, most of us have time on our side.
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Net Worth Statement – Part II

Yesterday, I began a new series called “Financial Planning Basics” and started with a post about the net worth statement. Today, I’ll take the net worth statement a little further and show some various transactions and their effect on the net worth statement. While studying these examples, keep in mind the net worth equation:
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Net Worth Statement

NOTE: This is a reprint from a series I did on my old blog.

Financial planners typically use two financial statements to get a handle on a person’s current financial status. Those statements are: the net worth statement (also called the statement of financial position) and the cash flow statement (also called a budget). Today, I’ll discuss the net worth statement.
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