Quote of the Day – Reed Hastings

“It is clear that for many of our members two websites would make things more difficult, so we are going to keep Netflix as one place to go for streaming and DVDs.” – Reed Hastings, CEO of Netflix.

Hahahaha. Looks like he got the point after he lost hundreds of millions of dollars (around $200 billion according to my calculations) when Netflix’s stock fell from nearly $300 per share to $112 per share.

The customer is always right, Reed. Come on, you know that.

This Would Be Funny if it Wasn’t So Pathetic

One of my facebook friends posted a link to a person’s website asking for donations to help them pay off their nearly $200,000 in student loans. I visited the website and found their story on their About page:

I chose to attend a top 70 school — and why not? It had everything: prestige, great location, typical campus, every major under the sun… the full college experience.

Five years later I am $200,000 in debt, as my education did not lead me to the career that would help pay off my loans. Also – I am only 23.

What’s even more, Sallie Mae [student loan corporation] won’t allow me to consolidate my loans, repay the loans based on my income, or defer again (as I’ve already deferred for 6 months).

My monthly payments to Sallie Mae are at a cool $891, and next November, 2011, will rise to a mere $1600. Not to mention the 5 other lenders [including federal] that I pay per month…

They got their fancy education and now they expect/want people to help them pay off their massive loans.

Did this person not put pencil to paper and perform a couple of calculations first before they decided to attend this particular school? Judging from their “It had everything: prestige, great location, typical campus, every major under the sun…” statement, I’m going to say no.

I’m sorry but I have a hard time feeling sorry for this person.