ETFs vs. Index Mutual Funds

There was a really good article (free) in today’s Wall Street Journal comparing Exchange-Traded Funds and Index Mutual funds. To tell you the truth, I’m still up in the air as to which product is best. Of course each individual’s circumstances affects which products are best for them. I thought the article did a nice job explaining the pros and cons of each.

Mad Money

I caught my first episode of Jim Cramer’s Mad Money. I thought it was terrible. It is one of the most obnoxious shows I have EVER seen. The show is destined to be a failure for those who follow his advice. Why? Because information that everybody else knows isn’t worth anything.

How to Avoid Investing in Crooked Companies

Good morning everyone!

James Glassman, host of TechCentralStation and columnist in Kiplinger’s Magazine, has written a really good article about How to Avoid Investing in Crooked Businesses. I highly recommend you read this article. In the article, common sense prevails:

1. Diversify – The more companies you own the less likely you are to be hurt by one individual company. Low cost indexing can be a good way to go.
2. Buy dividends – Earnings are on paper and can be manipulated very easily. However, dividends are real dollars and are therefore less likely to be fake.