Friday Comments

Greetings! With this being Labor Day Weekend, I probably won’ t be posting much. I’m working on a post for this week’s Carnival of Personal Finance, which will be hosted by SavvySaver. If you haven’t submitted an entry yet, you may want to get busy!

Have a great weekend everyone!

Oh, and if you are new to AllThingsFinancial, I recently moved from Blogger. You can check out my old blog by clicking here. Right now I’m housing my archives at the old blog so there is lots of material over there. If you have some spare time, you may want to check it out.

Here’s a Way to Save on Gas

I paid $2.73 for gas last night! How much higher can they go? It almost seems like a self-fullfilling prophecy when the news media tells us to look for a certain price. Tuesday morning after the hurricane, our local TV station was telling us to look for $3.00 per gallon. Our prices went up $.41 in ONE DAY! That’s $4.00 for every 10 gallons of gas.

I’m wondering how high gas prices can go before they crush our economy. As a nation, we need to come up with a plan. Perhaps we should go back to the days when businesses were closed on Sunday. Would that make a difference? If there were no stores, restaurants, or other businesses open on Sunday would people still get out? My guess is that they would not. The argument that businesses would lose out doesn’t really hold water if ALL businesses are closed. People would find a way to get their shopping done on the days when the stores were open.

I suppose one area of concern would be the impact that this move would have on hourly workers who are normally employed in the retail industry. If they lost out on a day’s wages, how would that impact them? I suppose the answer depends on the cost of getting to and from work. If the cost is the same or greater than the benefit, then they probably are better off staying home on Sunday.

There are no easy answers. However, something has got to change.

Sunday Morning Comments

I still haven’t totally figured out how to move all my posts from the old blog to this blog. I hope to get that done later today. The directions for doing so are pretty confusing and I sure don’t want to mess it up and lose 10 months worth of work.

I did change my Feedburner settings so those who subscribed to the old blog will now be directed to this blog. I don’t know if I can change my Bloglines feeds. I’ll have to look into it. I’m ready to get all this stuff behind me so that I can actually post about personal finance again. Right now I feel like a fish out of water.

I’ll be hosting the Carnival of Personal Finance on this blog tomorrow.

Gotta run. I’ll post more later.

Welcome to the All New AllThingsFinancial

Welcome to the brand new site for AllThingsFinancial. I’m currently in the process of getting this site set up . Once I’m finished, the new site will look nothing like this.

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