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I saw this commercial over the weekend and thought it was worth sharing. I love the message.

I was going through Dale Carnegie’s book notes and came across this advice from Willis Carrier for dealing with worry:

Step I. Analyze the situation fearlessly and honestly and figure out what is the worst that could possibly happen as a result of this failure.

Step II. After figuring out what is the worst that could possibly happen, reconcile yourself to accepting it, if necessary.

Step III. From that time on, calmly devote your time and energy to trying to improve upon the worst which you have already accepted mentally.

If you haven’t read Dale Carnegie’s two classics “How to Win Friends & Influence People” and “How to Stop Worrying and Start Living”, I highly recommend them. Great stuff.


This is impressive.

Joey Alexander is a 12-year old jazz pianist. Check out this video:

BTW, Larry Grenadier, who is interviewed in the video, is the bassist for the Brad Mehldau Trio.

I saw this on facebook this morning and it really struck me…

Food for Thought

This is pretty cool:

I cannot believe that we have finally reached the point where math has become opinion.

I saw this math problem on facebook this morning and was surprised to find two different answers:

6 ÷ 2(1 + 2) = ?

Lots of people say the correct answer is 9. They would be wrong.

The correct answer is 1. Here’s why:

Math Problem Solution Explained

Since both expressions are the same, the only answer is 1.

BTW, Google needs to fix its algorithm.


Happy Monday, everyone!