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How to Read a Magazine

October 24, 2006

I get a ton of magazines delivered to me each month (at last count I think it was something like 10 different magazines, most of which I get free). That’s a lot of magazines. Unfortunately, there’s usually only a small amount of useful information in each magazine. And, my regular habit is to flip through them without ever finishing them and then I put them to the side with the intention of “getting back to it later.” Later never comes and I end up throwing the magazine out 6 months later. There’s got to be a better way to manage this information.

There is!

Here’s a method for reading magazines that I learned from an audio that I heard by Brian Tracy. It’s fairly simple to implement and can help you save time and get organized. His method:

1. Set aside an hour or two per month and sit down with all the magazines.

2. Flip through the magazines one-by-one, looking for articles that you want to read later. If you think there is something worth reading, tear it out and put in a file folder.

3. When you are done, you have created your own magazine. Then, you can take the folder with you and read it whenever you have spare time or have to wait in line somewhere.

4. Once you have read the pieces you saved, you can either file them for later reference if necessary, or you could bookmark them in your account or other similiar account, tagging it with topic tags so you can easily find it later should you need it.

I have been using this method for a couple of months now and I like it. It saves me time because I no longer waste time flipping through the same magazine more than once. If you read a lot of magazines, give it a try and see if it works for you.

I was in the bookstore the other day (a place where I spend too much time) and noticed One Phone Call Away – Secrets of a Master Networker by Jeffrey W. Meshel. I picked the book up and thumbed through it. It looked interesting but what REALLY sold me on it was Harvey Mackay’s endorsement splashed across the cover: Continue Reading…

Here’s an interesting article by Jeff Zaslow titled Hoarders vs. Deleters: How You Handle Your Email Inbox Says a Lot About You I found in the Wall Street Journal. I thought this statement was interesting: Continue Reading…

Here’s a list of items that should be kept in your safe deposit box. I found this list in an out-of-print book titled “The Money Club” by Marilyn Crockett, Diane Terman Felenstein, with Dale Burg. Duplicates of the items marked with an “*” should be kept in your home financial files for quick reference. Make sure a responsible family member or friend is aware of your safe deposit box, where it is kept, and how to gain access to it, should something happen to you. Oh, and safe deposit box rental can be tax-deductible. Continue Reading…

I just read a pretty good post on business card management over at We all have stacks of business cards in our desk drawers. They are pretty much useless unless you figure out a way to organize them. One suggestion I left as a comment is to buy one of those business card binders with slots for business cards.