Ten for Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Happy Tuesday to you all. This is day two of my daughter being home sick with something like the flu. She’s better today but I kept her home just in case. Stay healthy, people.

Here’s this morning’s Ten for Tuesday. Enjoy!

1. Foolish interview with Michael Mauboussin.

2. David Bach’s 3 basket approach to financial security.

3. How to retire rich – 3 smart setps at ages 30 – 45.

4. How to buy a car with poor credit. My advice: Think cheap car.

5. Funding a SEP IRA.

6. Consumer confidence is up this September. How can this be? Are consumers more confident about the job market since so many people have quit looking for jobs?

7. Forbes list of America’s richest people. Spoiler alert: Bill Gates is number 1

8. And, here’s a list of the 11 wealthiest people in China.

9. The importance of CPI as an investment benchmark.


10. Goodbye, Smith Barney.

Ten for Tuesday, September 18, 2012

1. Interesting opinion piece: Don’t show me the money.

2. The Magnitude of the Mess We’re In.

3. Majority (barely) in U.S. still say the government is doing too much.

4. “Doesn’t hurt to ask…”

5. The Reasons Behind the ‘People Who Pay No Income Tax’.

6. Perhaps it’s worse than Romney said… (Personally, unless they are getting more than they paid in, I don’t consider people receiving social security as being “dependent on the federal government.”)

7. 3 signs Apple is topping.

8. How to save money by keeping good records.

9. Dividend contenders: 13 increases expected in the coming weeks.

10. 8 ways to save money on a college budget. (Some of these are very obvious (buy used text books).)

Finally, don’t forget about this week’s Carnival of Personal Finance, which is being hosted by FreeMoneyFinance.

Ten for Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Hard to believe that today marks the 11th anniversary of 911. I had dropped off my oldest for Kindergarten and learned about the first plane hitting the tower when I dropped my youngest son off at daycare. I got to the office in time to see the second plane hit the other tower. I had a pit in my stomach that entire day.

What a sad day for America.

1. Amazon: a wonderful business at a terrible price.

2. Why are so many men dropping out of the workforce?

3. Charles Koch: Corporate Cronyism Harms America.

4. Become debt free, right now!

5. College tuition inflation: net out-of-pocket vs. published sticker price.

6. A Q&A with my friend, Kirk Kinder

7. The looming election letdown.

8. What it feels like to be rich.

9. Shorter is better. Spend some time reading Seth’s blog. There’s some good stuff there.

10. 3 features the iPhone is missing.

Ten for Tuesday, September 4, 2012

First off, be sure and check out this week’s Carnival of Personal Finance.

1. Why you need to invest in stocks in retirement.

2. Speaking of retirement, here are 4 early retirement risks and how to avoid them.

3. Nook Study is the future of textbooks.

4. Get ready for 5 key money changes in 2013. I HATE the changes coming to Medicare and Social Security. UGH!

5. Things your traditional banker won’t tell you about online banking.

6. Banks won’t let everyone refinance their mortgages.

7. Here are 5 credit card purchases you should never put on a debit card.

8. Risky and getting riskier.

9. Be sure to check out Tax Carnival #106.


10. The top foods that cause depression. Who knew?

Ten for Tuesday, August 28, 2012

1. The 15 Best Videos on Commerce and Entrepreneurship. I don’t know if they’re the “best” or not, but I watched a couple and found them interesting.

2. The Best-Paid Moonlighting Jobs in America.

3. How to Choose a Dividend-Paying ETF.

4. 5 Rules for More Effective Presentations.

5. The stuff we didn’t have to think about just a few years ago: Who inherits your iTunes library?

6. Interesting: A mindless way to beat the S&P 500 Index

7. Make the best of your college investment.

8. Kay Bell on Romney’s Tax Returns). Where’s President Obama’s college transcripts and records?

9. Henry Blodget on how to fix the economy and a rebuttal (I mentioned these yesterday).

10. Finally, this is an old post but well worth a read: 13 Tips for Dealing with a REally Lousy Day.

Don’t forget to check out this week’s Carnival of Personal Finance.

Ten for Tuesday, August 21, 2012

1. Problogger’s Pinterest Experiment.

2. Great article from HBR on how Leaders are readers.

3. Check out the Dividend Aristocrats investment strategy (and the preceding article here).

4. The REAL price of college.

5. Trouble brewing with some 30-year mortgages?

6. What will your tax bill be under Romney or Obama?

7. Here is a list of the big earnings reports that are due this week.

8. Ask Jean: Kids and Credit.

9. Nice short piece on finding your passion from MyMoneyBlog.

10. Finally, this article, The Legacy of the Clinton Bubble, is old (and long) but it’s interesting in a couple of respects: 1) they are left-leaning (at least what I can tell from the site’s description) and 2) they pretty much say what I’ve been saying all along.


If you have something you want me to link to in a future roundup, send it to me (JLP – at – AllFinancialMatters – dot – com) and I’ll try to include it if I like it.


Ten for Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Greetings! Here are ten articles I think are worth sharing:

1. This first post is off topic from most of ths stuff we talk about here at AFM, but it’s still intersecting. I can’t say that I agree with the closing paragraphs of the article but it is something we have to discuss. Why John Stewart Mill Matters
2. MoneySavingMom’s grocery savings tips.
3. Ramit has some great advice (with scripts) on how to stop paying credit card fees.
4. Three pillars of charitable giving.
5. Cheap ways to stay fit and healthy.
6. Ask Liz Weston: Don’t buy life insurance if you don’t need life insurance. (Makes sense to me.)
7. RetireBy40 is hosting the 146th edition of the Best of the Money Carnival.
8. Enter Faith and Finance’s Stewardship Bible Giveaway.
9. how to make the most of a liberal arts degree.
10. Finally, my friend, Paul, sold his blog in order to move on and do something different. I wish him the best.