Happy Birthday, Dad!

Today my Dad turns 60!

He was born on August 6, 1946, which makes him one of the oldest of the Baby Boomers. He grew up on a farm in Northeast Nebraska (around the Norfolk area). He went to a one-room schoolhouse through the 8th grade and graduated from Pierce High School in Pierce, Nebraska in 1964. After high school he signed up to go into the Air Force. He was surprised when they told him that he was going to be a jet engine mechanic.

His Air Force experience took him all over the world and eventually he ended up at McConnell Air Force Base in Wichita, Kansas, where he met my mom. They were married in the April of 1969.

I was just a kid when he started working for Dillons Supermarket (now a part of the Kroger Company). He worked at the same grocery store until he retired in 2001! One thing I always remembered about my Dad while growing up was how hard he worked. Because he was in the grocery business, he had to work all kinds of weird hours. I HATED it when he had to work nights but that’s what you have to do sometimes. He never griped about it because he knew that’s what he had to do. My Dad would have made an excellent store manager but chose not to go into management because of the hours and the fact that they would have wanted him to work Saturdays, which was our Sabbath.

My Dad and I talk several times a week now that he retired. He’s studying to take the Series 65 test so that he can work as a financial planner. We have even discussed possibly working together. We would probably make a good (he’s the people person and I’m the tech guy) when it comes to personal finance and investing, we see eye-to-eye.

So, there you have it. You now know a little bit about my Dad. There’s a lot more to tell but I need to get some sleep.

Happy Birthday, Dad! I love you!

Please feel free to wish him Happy Birthday by leaving a comment (just don’t say anything mean about me). I’ll try to get him read this post.

Today’s Birthday Wishes

Birthdays are fun.

I have a pretty good list of bloggers in my Outlook contacts. On Monday I sent an email out to my blogger friends requesting their birthday information. My goal is to ue birthdays (and anniversaries if married) as a way to bring a greater sense of community to the personal finance blogosphere. Well folks, today we have our first blogger birthday to celebrate (sorry Nicole, I didn’t realize your birthday was on July 20th!). Rob at MoneyWatch turns 28 today.

Happy Birthday Rob!

Why don’t you stop by his blog and wish him well!

If you are a blogger, send me your birthday information. I prefer to know the year but understand if you want to keep your birth year private. Anyway, send me an email with “BIRTHDAY” in the subject line and I’ll add you to my list.