Blog of the Week – No. 71

What do you get when you combine and English major with money?

Answer: An English Major’s Money, this week’s Blog of the Week. An English Major’s Money is a blog written by a 23-year-old ’06 college grad working an entry-level job in New York City. She’s trying to learn to manage her money to maximize both her fun and her future.

I love blogs like this because they prove that personal finance is important for EVERYONE! I also love the fact that although she is young, she is getting a grip on her finances now rather than waiting until she is older. Folks, starting young is the real key to success when it comes to personal finance.

One thing that bugs me is that I’m sure she cringes when she reads this blog since I’m not an English major! LOL!

Blog of the Week – No. 70

This week’s Blog of the Week is The Digerati Life, a blog about money, personal finance, geeks, and cyberspace. For those of you who don’t know (I didn’t know until I looked it up), the word “digerati” means “people skilled with or knowledgeable about computers,” according to

One thing I think is cool about her blog that I haven’t seen on a lot of other blogs is a section with her most popular posts, some of which are:

Money 101: My Basic Financial Plan
13 Worst Company URLs Ever: An Analysis
Ways To Monetize Your Blog
Saving Money: Frequently Asked Questions
Seriously Thrifty? Some Wild Ways To Save (Part 1)

Anyway, I like her style of writing and have linked to some of her posts in my Weekly Roundups. You can find out more about her and her blog by reading her About page.

Blog of the Week – No. 69

This week’s Blog of the Week is BluntMoney, a blog written my a married mom of one. According to her introductory post, her goal is to write about…

topics such as getting out of debt, credit health & credit cards, insurance, kids & money, money saving ideas, organizing & decluttering, retirement, savings & investments, taxes, simple living, and my personal money-related goals.

I like the way her blog is organized and the fact that she has only a few categories (unlike the monsterous list of categories that I have). Anyway, it’s personal finance from another person’s point of view. Go pay her a visit and tell her JLP sent you!

Blog of the Week – No. 68

This week’s Blog of the Week goes to The Tao of Making Money, a blog written by a graduate student (I’m not sure which discipline). I enjoy reading blogs by people in different phases of life. Not all readers are in their mid-30s with kids and a mortgage. Therefore, it is cool to read blogs from people who are facing different circumstances such as finishing college and starting a career. I only wish blogging had been around when I was in college. I would probably be a different person than I am now.

So, if you get a chance, stop by The Tao of Making Money.

Blog of the Week – No. 77

This week’s Blog of the Week goes to The Simple Dollar, a frugal personal finance blog. Trent has been writing The Simple Dollar since last October. He covers just about any topic (from going grocery shopping with a camera to 31 Days to Fix Your Finances). When I first saw his post on grocery shopping I thought to myself, “What the heck?…” However, after reading it, I understand that he was showing his readers how to comparison shop.

Anyway, Trent is doing a great job over at The Simple Dollar. So go check it out and tell him that JLP sent you.

Blog of the Week – No. 66

This week’s Blog of the Week was recommended to me by Single Ma.

The 66th Blog of the Week goes to Womens Wall Street Blog, which is the blog for the website Womens Wall Street. Their mission:

Empowering women with the tools, knowledge and confidence they need to make smart financial decisions.

That’s a great mission! And I’m trying to do my part to help spread the word. The blog is actually written by Jane Dough from Boston Gal’s Open Wallet. Although their blog has only been around a couple of months, there’s lots of great material there for everyone, no matter what your sex.

Blog of the Week – No. 65

The first Blog of the Week of 2007 is The Money Tortoise, a blog that takes the slow, steady path to growing wealth. I like that approach. The Money Tortoise has only been around a few months, but has put out some thoughtful content on all the topics of personal finance. Oh, and the author is a fee-only financial planner.

Once the his turn at Blog of the Week is over, I will place a link to his blog in my Financial Planners Section.