Trader Joe’s Has Some Unhappy Employees

[Rant on…]

Are we becoming a nation of spoiled wimps?

Based on this article I read in Sunday morning’s Houston Chronicle, I would say the evidence is mounting that we are.

Trader Joe’s has been a shopper’s favorite for years now. They have a great reputation of friendly service and great prices, but the article postulates that employees are encouraged to act like they are in a good mood even when they are not.

From the article:

“…in recent years, the patina of good cheer has masked growing strife and demoralization in some stores on the East Coast, far from the company’s base in California. A number of workers, known at Trader Joe’s as ‘crew members,’ complain of harsh and arbitrary treatment at the hands of managers, of chronic safety lapses and of an atmosphere of surveillance.

“…some employees say they are pressured to appear happy with customers and co-workers, even when that appearance is starkly at odds with what is happening at the store.”

And there’s this…

“Other employees in stores across the Northeast and Middle Atlantic regions, who spoke on the condition of anonymity to protect their jobs, echoed Nagle’s description of stockroom hazards and managers’ behavior. A worker in Brooklyn said that if two workers spoke to one another for more than a minute or two while on the job, often a manager would appear and ask, ‘What’s going on?'”

It’s amazing that Trader Joe’s can has any employees at all based on those deplorable conditions. How horrible! (Yes, that was sarcasm.)

I have an idea! If you work for a company that is so horrible that you have to fake being nice, then quit. Go work somewhere else. I can’t even believe the New York Times would publish such drivel.

[…rant off]