The ‘Tragedy’ of High Gas Prices

I saw this in a front page article in yesterday’s Wall Street Journal (emphasis mine):

“It’s just gotten out of hand,” said 53-year-old Yvonne Brune of Des Moines, Iowa, referring to the rising cost of gasoline. Because of higher gasoline prices, Ms. Brune, who works for a printing company doing marketing on weekdays and separately as a bridal consultant on nights and weekends, no longer makes the drive home at lunchtime — a 30-mile round trip — to spend time with her dogs. Because of rising airfares, she has canceled plans for a trip to Texas to visit relatives. “I think the airlines are going to see their industry implode because people are going to stop flying,” she said.

The article doesn’t mention what kind of car this lady drives but it doesn’t matter. Driving 30 extra miles a day (150 miles per week, 7,500 per year) is silly. If she got 30 miles per gallon, she’d be using up 5 gallons a week or 250 per year. Why can’t she spend time with her dogs when she gets home in the evening?

Maybe high gas prices are a good thing if it will keep people from doing stupid stuff! LOL!