Updated Index Performance Through November

I haven’t posted an update to the indexes I follow in quite awhile. Here is the latest installment (click on the graphic to download the PDF):

Total Returns for Various Indexes - Nov 2015

As you can see, for all the excitement 2015 has brought, the returns for indexes have been rather boring. The S&P 500 is only up 3.01% so far this year. If this holds, 2015 will be the worst performance for the year since 2011’s 2.11% (please note that these are total returns, which include dividends).

Index Performance Update for the S&P 500 and Other Indexes

Good morning!

I meant to post this over the weekend but never got around to it.

Here are the updated year-to-date returns for the indexes I follow here at AFM:

YTD Performance for the S&P 500 and Other Indexes

March 2013’s 3.75% total return for the S&P 500 was its 21st best since 1926.