An Illustrated Guide to Saving Links and Articles on Facebook for iOS

A lot of you may already know this. This is for those who don’t.

I’m on facebook a lot. One of the annoying things about facebook is the content changes so quickly. I can be reading something, exit facebook, come back, and the article I was reading is gone.

Then, one day I discovered a way to save articles. This is a really useful feature that I don’t think a lot of people know about. I have an iPhone, iPad, and Windows computer. I know the feature is available on all on three of those, so I would think it would be available on Android products too.

Here’s how to save links, articles, posts, and videos in Facebook iOS app:

1. Tap or click on the down arrow.


2. Save the article, link, video, etc.


3. To access your saved items later, click on the menu icon in the lower right corner of the screen.


4. Open the Saved Items folder.


How to Write Your Very Own Investment Policy Statement – Getting Started

In his book, Optimal Investing (Affiliate Link), Scott Frush writes this about the importance of having an Investment Policy Statement:

Much like a blueprint for building a house, an Investment Policy Statement serves as the blueprint for building your optimal portfolio. This policy is crucial to the long-term achievement of your specific financial goals. First and foremost, an Investment Policy Statement helps you learn more about what your needs and priorities are, how to best address them, and the risks involved with investing. Secondly, this policy allows you and your portfolio manager (if you elect to employ one) to gain a better understanding of your objectives and constraints and how to best manage your portfolio to accomplish your specific financial goals.

A written Investment Policy Statement will not alone guarantee success in protecting and growing your optimal portfolio. Rather, it will shelter your portfolio from ad hoc revisions, made by either you or your portfolio manager, from a sound long-term asset allocation policy.

Basically, an Investment Policy Statement should explain why you’re investing (your goals) and what you are investing in. Why is this important? Because human nature tends to take over when times get tough and might cause you to make changes to your investment plan based on emotion rather than sound logic. Being able to pull out and read through your Investment Policy Statement (IPS) will give you comfort and just might keep you from making a serious mistake.

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