Larry Winget: ‘The Secret’ is a Total Load of Crap!

Once again, Larry hits the nail on the head with his latest blog post, ‘The Secret’ is a Total Load of Crap. In case you’re not familiar, ‘The Secret’ is a book that gained lots of attention when it was featured on the Oprah Winfrey Show. I watched part of one of the shows when she was talking about the book and even featured the author. It was enough to convince me that I didn’t want to read the book.

Anyway, Larry Winget, has written a blog post about that book and about the new age philosophy of success. I like this quote from his post:

They [new age authors and gurus] also love to talk about increasing your deservability. Which translates to me into increasing your sense of entitlement. You are not entitled to a damn thing. You are rewarded for your efforts. No effort = no reward. The truth is that you deserve exactly what you have.

Remember that old Biblical saying, “You reap what you sow?” Most people aren’t reaping much these days because they haven’t done any sowing! I grew up in the country where we ate what we raised and trust me when I say that “sowing” is work! Even the reaping is work. But the reaping is the payoff for the work you put out there in the first place. Sadly, many people today are expecting to reap when they didn’t sow a damn thing. It doesn’t work that way.

I agree with Larry: we don’t deserve anything other than what is mentioned in the Declaration of Independence:

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.

Rock on, Larry. Rock on.

Help Larry Winget with His Upcoming Book

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Hey folks, I am writing my next book, which will be released next January. I am including two sections where I need your help. “The single best thing my parents ever taught me” and “The one thing I WISH my parents had taught me.” I can’t guarantee that I will use each one but if I do, I will credit you and use your name or will use it anonymously if you prefer.

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Larry Winget

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A Review of “People Are Idiots” by Larry Winget (and GIVEAWAY)

People Are Idiots and I Can Prove It!: The 10 Ways You Are Sabotaging Yourself and How You Can Overcome Them*

I love the title and cover of this book! That said, DON’T LET THE TITLE FOOL YOU…this is a VERY positive book!

For those of you not familiar with Larry Winget’s work, he’s known as The Pitbull of Personal Development. That should tell you something about his style. Larry tells it like he sees it. He has no tolerance for stupidity and refuses to sugarcoat his medicine. Personally, I think this is EXACTLY what people need! I almost always find myself nodding in agreement as I read Larry’s books—”People Are Idiots” is no exception!

Larry opens the book with examples showing why he thinks people are idiots. He breaks down his examples in categories such as health, parenting, finance, etc. Some of my favorites:

“Americans spend $33 billion annually on weight-loss products and services. Wouldn’t it be a lot chaper to just eat less and go for a walk? People complain that they have no money—I could save society $33 billion a year in this area alone.”

“People say they want good public schools for their kids. Yet only a small percentage of parents belong to or attend PTA meetings or go to parent-teacher conferences.”

…and my ultimate favorite:

People sign contracts with credit companies, agreeing to pay their bill on a certain date. While the print is small, the rules and regulations are clearly laid out in black and white—all you have to do is read them. Then people don’t make their payments on time and don’t pay the minimum amount as they agreed (probably because they spent their money at the mall or eating out). Why are these people surprised when their interest rate goes up and the company reports their late payment to the credit bureaus and their credit score goes down?”

In the second chapter, he lists ten reasons why people are idiots and tells the reader to confess how they qualify for each one (yes, I did the exercise!):

People are ignorant.
People are stupid.
People are lazy.
People don’t give a damn.
People lack vision.
People have low expectations.
People don’t recognize the consequences of their actions.
People have bad habits.
People have poor role models.
People have no plan.

Chapter 3 begins the “idiot healing process” through recognition, education, and application.

The Second Section of the book contains what Larry calls “Idiot Fixes,” which are lists…lots and lots of lists. I like lists. Larry has a list for everything! There’s a list on how to take responsibility, how to set and achieve goals, how to be smarter, how to make great conversation, how to manage time better, how to solve problems, how to be a better communicator, and lots of other lists.

There’s even a list for how to dress better. His fashion tips for men cracked me up—especially his thoughts on shoes:

“Shoes should always be shined. Loafers never go with a suit. Penny loafers don’t really go with anything, Fonzie. And in my personal opinion, tassel loafers work only when you want everyone to consider you a pretentious goober named Biff.”

Dang! I have a pair of penny loafers on at this very moment (and I own and wear tassel loafers too)! I think they look nice. To each his own, I guess.

Anyway, despite his fashion advice, this is his best book yet. Everyone—both idiots and non-idiots—will benefit from reading (and APPLYING) this book.

Larry was also kind enough to send me an extra signed copy of his book to give away. So, if you’re interested, please leave a comment below and I’ll randomly-select a winner on Wednesday, January 7. Just remember my two rules:

1. You must be a resident of the U.S. or Canada (I won’t ship internationally).

2. You can only enter once.

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Larry Winget’s Thoughts on ‘Poor Boomers’ Comments

Recently, ‘Poor Boomer’ left the following comments on AFM about education:

Poor Boomer:

What’s with all the education hype? I have an awful lot of education and a minimum wage income – so what’s so great about education?


poor boomer,

Education does not equal a great income.

Have you ever asked yourself why you only make minimum wage?

Poor Boomer:

It’s obvious why I make only minimum wage – I have no marketable skills and no career-related experience. (I got a liberal arts degree with law school in mind, but couldn’t afford law school, so my degree is now worthless.)

His answer bugged me so I sent him an email and asked him if I could post about his experience. This was his response:

Hi, no problem – you’re welcome to it. I think a college education is, generally, an excellent investment, BUT one entailing huge downside risks. I can now say that NOT seeking an internship in college (I was sure I couldn’t afford unpaid work) was one of my biggest mistakes. Also, I think there is a moderate time window in which one must “do something” with their education or degree in order to have meaningful career prospects. This time window for me lasted roughly five years, during which obtaining an interview was not especially difficult. After roughly five years, the interviews abruptly stopped coming.

Instead of me addressing this myself, I decided to ask Larry Winget for his help. For those of you not familiar with Larry, he has written a ton of best-selling books. His latest, People Are Idiots and I Can Prove It!, will be released next week (see Larry’s website for details on special he’s running). I like Larry’s style because he doesn’t sugar-coat his advice. He tells it like it is.

So, I sent Larry an email asking him for his opinion and this was his response:

I hear this argument a lot. Rarely do people actually work in the field in which they get a degree. Degrees in education, liberal arts and the like are typically not the educational path to high-paying jobs. In fact, in my opinion, the whole reason for a college degree is the education in discipline it requires to get the degree – not what your area of studies were. It takes personal discipline, personal responsibility and accountability, the ability/willingness to study, the time and effort to get to class and sit through class, the skills to test, the ability to work with others, the ability to set a goal and achieve it, to manage your time and a variety of tasks, and on and on and on. Those skills are the ones that will make you rich and the skills most beneficial from earning a college degree and those are the skills that can make you rich if applied.

People need to realize that “being excellent” at something that no one is willing to pay for is of little value if you measure success in terms of financial achievement (and most of us do.) One really marketable skill – again one and only one – can make you rich.

If someone has a real desire to be successful, all they have to do is ask themselves what skills are people willing to pay for? I will guarantee they are the skills I listed above. All other specific/technical/job-related skills can be taught and most employers are more than willing to teach job-related skills to anyone who has the ability to set and achieve goals, be responsible, manage their time, handle a variety of tasks, work well with others and so on.

Another comment on the posting is this: Anyone – again ANYONE who makes minimum wage is only putting out minimum effort. Tough approach I know, but it is true. Minimum wage jobs are STARTING places – they are entry level jobs into the employment pool. The people who get them and stay in them are the people who aren’t willing to go beyond minimum effort and show their employer they have more than minimum skills.

By the way, my degree is in Library Science. Do you think I would be where I am today utilizing all the marketable skills I learned in that degree program? No. I never worked a day with that degree. I also never used it as an excuse. Instead, I quickly realized that in order to be financially successful, I was going to have to apply myself in other areas and do things that had nothing to do with a library! You don’t get a degree and think your education is over. Education is a continuing process. Therefore, I have read over 4,000 books since I got my degree. I have listened to 5,000 hours of audio and watched that much educational video. I still read every day to make sure I am current on what my audience wants from me. In my world, my audience is both my customer and my employer. This concept must apply to everyone in the workplace. I continue to learn so I will have something of value to offer my employer and my customer. Everyone must ask themselves if they are doing the same thing.

What are you reading? What are you watching? What are you listening to? Will it make you a better employee? employer? manager? salesperson? janitor? or will it only entertain you and leave you as stupid as when you started?

Before you blame your degree for your success or lack of it, go to the mirror and take a good hard look at yourself and answer those questions. Then you will have a clue as to why your life looks like it does.

Larry Winget

Larry said it better than I could have said it myself. I appreciate him taking the time to respond to my email.

Now, let’s open this up for discussion. What do you think of Larry’s thoughts regarding ‘Poor Boomer’s’ situation?