Ten for Tuesday, January 22, 2012

1. Interesting thoughts on “7 habits of extremely frugal people
One disagreement – I don’t think making your own bread is really “free.” There are costs involved in all of these (even if it is only time costs). Some of those costs are worth it when you are trying to save money, but some may not be.

2. What Makes Debt Socially Acceptable?

3. 6 Step Plan to Dominate Your Debt
Not a whole lot of new information here, but sometimes it’s good to have a list.

4. I Think I Figured Out Why Frugality Is So Popular
Perfectly sums up the reasons “getting out of debt” and “weight loss” are our favorite topics to read about…but never actually do.

5. 3 Steps to a Quick Turnaround
Another “get out of debt” article. I like that he doesn’t gloss over the difficulties, but outlines some good steps to get started.

6. How to Organize Your Pantry and Save Cash

7. 5 Ways to Slowly but Surely Become a Millionaire

8. 7 Surprising Facts About Roth IRAs

9. Voluntary Slavery

10. 10 Steps to a Happier Life
Favorite: #1. “Lighten up! Don’t get your panties in a wad about every little thing thathappens.”

Ten For Tuesday (January 27, 2009)

Here is this week’s Ten For Tuesday. Enjoy.

1. Forecasters are predicting a historic drop in retail sales for 2009.

2. Democrats are trying to lower economic expectations. Look, I know the economy stinks. I just think it’s funny how they didn’t do this during the election.

3. The Finance Buff has a not-so-favorable review of Phil Town’s book, “Rule #1.” The book has been out a long time. I’m only mentioning this review because I have always thought Phil Town was full of…

4. WIN a copy of Kay Bell’s book.

5. Wanna lose a lot of money really quickly? The Digerati Life shows how trading stocks is a great way to lose money.

6. Here are 6 ways to motivate yourself.

7. Lazy Man has some ways to save money on utilitities. My house is nearly 50-years old. It would take a sizeable investment to make it energy-efficient.

8. Has tipping gotten way out of hand? Weigh in with your opinion.

9. Meg talks about her refinancing.

10. Lastly, here are 5 ways to take advantage of deflation.

Ten for Tuesday (January 20, 2009)

Hard to believe it’s Tuesday already. The three-day weekend threw me off. I completely forgot about updating the Blog of the Week. Oops. Anyway, here is this week’s Ten for Tuesday. Enjoy. There are some good articles and posts here.

1. Let’s start off with 10 Financial Commandments for Your 20s.

2. The FinanceBuff reports that deferred interest payment plans have been banned. I have used these types of financing plans in the past and have never had a problem.

3. How to work full time while you’re in college. Been there…done that! NOT FUN!

4. How Ramit is going to save $25,000 in 2009.

5. 15 uses for coffee filters. In my house, coffee filters have ONE purpose…coffee making!

6. Larry Winget can fix America!

7. Brian Tracy’s Planning Your Year – Part 1. – It’s a little on the “salesy” side but the advice is still good.

8. Scott Burns on Bernard Madoff.

9. Flexo asked his readers: Should investors who profited from the Madoff scheme return their money? I have read that they have no choice due to some aspect of the law that says a person can’t profit from fraud (or something like that).

10. Foreclosures are high on Obama’s list. Throwing money we don’t have at a problem we can’t solve. Let ’em fail.

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Ten for Tuesday (January 13, 2009)

Here’s this week’s Ten for Tuesday. Enjoy!

1. My friend, Lindsay, details how she and her husband are handling allowances.

2. We have a food pyramid so why not an asset allocation pyramid too?

3. Rebuild Your Nestegg – 17 moves to secure your future now.

4. Jeremy agrees with Robert Kiyosaki—again… – Look for a Robert and Jeremy book in the near future…

5. The Finance Buff discusses the differences between 0% APR, same-as-cash, and no-interest-no-payments.

6. Protect your FICO score as more inactive credit card accounts are closed. – From a bank’s point-of-view, this makes perfect sense. People are losing their jobs and the ecomony is down. The last thing a bank wants is for people with no income to suddenly break out the credit cards.

7. The Digerati Life offers up some pointers on preparing for a job interview.

8. Glblguy over at GatherLittlebyLittle received this email and would like your advice:

I am very inspired by your website. I think I started crying at my desk when I started reading it. I am in a extremely large amount of debt. A lot of it is stuff in my husband’s name that he does not know about. I feel like failure and a thief. I wonder how I got myself into this mess and how do I manage to get out without my husband leaving me. I am scared and worried sick. I was able to make the payments before but it is getting harder and harder and there are lies after lies. I am scared my husband will leave me. I pray about this all the time and I am asking God to help me but I feel like my spiritual relationship is not strong. I am looking for help. I don’t want to lose my family.

9. The Frugal Duchess and her plan for building a better a budget.

10. Wisdom Tree’s Jeremy Siegel’s Quarter Four Commentary (PDF).

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Ten For Tuesday (January 6, 2009)

1. First off, check out this resource I discovered a couple of days ago. It’s called NewMogul.com. Basically, it is a reader-driven business news aggregator. It’s nicely-laid out and best of all…it’s SIMPLE! Hopefully it won’t be taken over by self-promoters!

2. NCN lists 20 Things That Rock About Being Debt Free. – Bottom Line: you can afford to do stuff!

3. Charles Kirk of the KirkReport details his plans for 2009. – His portfolio was UP 11% last year.

4. Speaking of plans, here’s Digerati Life’s .

5. Gather Little by Little hosted the 92nd Edition of the Carnival of Money Stories.

6. Lazyman has some tips on how to have a successful 2009.

7. Tricia wrote about credit card offers on college campuses. She said, “I have come to realize that whenever you get a credit card through another avenue than the credit card company itself, someone is making money from selling that card to you. The same rings true for web sites and blogs that have links to credit cards.” I have always had a problem with blogs selling credit cards because none of them (at least to my knowledge) ever let their readers know that they are making money from the links. In my opinion, it’s not enough to “assume” that readers know this.

8. Social Security: the Biggest Ponzi Scheme on Earth.

9. 2009 could be better than you think.

10. From Larry Winget’s blog: Are People Idiots? – the end of his post details how you can get a free book this week.

That’s it for this week. Enjoy.

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Ten For Tuesday (December 30, 2008)

Here’s this week’s Ten for Tuesday. Enjoy!

1. From Charles Schwab comes the Personal Finance Calendar for 2009.

2. Brian Tracy’s short and sweet Guide to Time Management.

3. A TV cannot change your life.

4. The Digerati Life takes a look at how the Madoff fraud affects us.

5. How to Keep Your Job While Unemployment is on the Rise

6. Six Financial Milestones to Reach Before You Turn 30.

7. Buying TIPs on the Secondary Market (along with Part 2 and Part 3)

8. Meg details her first eBay experience as a seller.

9. Lazy Man maps out his 2009 blogging strategy. I need to work on the income-side of my blog.

10. The Gift of Time.

Ten For Tuesday (December 23, 2008)

Here’s this week’s Ten For Tuesday

1. Day 9 of Wisdom Journal’s 12 Days of Christmas.

2. David over at PimpYourFinances has 20 Questions with J.D. Roth – author of Get Rich Slowly.

3. The Digerati Life shares her thoughts on the Madoff Ponzi scheme.

4. Mrs. Micah talks about freelancing and how she sets prices.

5. Meg got a gun for Christmas.

6. Nicole over at Budgeting Babe does a personal review of 2008. – I’m impressed with her financial accomplishments! Way to go, Nicole!

7. Bluntmoney interviewed Nicole from Breaking Even, a personal finance blog.

8. Bluntmoney’s interview is responsible for me finding Nicole’s thoughts on The Secret Millionaire. – I saw previews for this show but have not yet watched it. I might have to check it out.

9. Emily Brandon at U.S. News & World Report’s Planning to Retire blog, reintroduces their “How does your 401(k) Compare?” tool. – I looked the other day and found that my wife’s 2008 personal rate of return was -40%!!!! That was the first time I had looked at her 401(k) balance in well over a month—it’s just not fun to look these days!

10. Charles Kirk posted A Christmas Wish.

That’s it for this week’s Ten for Tuesday. Enjoy!

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